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รีวิว & โหลด (ILLUSION) เกมใหม่ค่ายลวงตา Honey Select (PC)

(ILLUSION) Honey♥Select (PC)
เกมใหม่ค่ายลวงตา แฮ่กๆ
ขอบคุณ Suttinai Kijsuan‎  ที่แนะนำมาครับ

รีวิวโดย Dayzero BenZy


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09/16 “R” Update (509MB) [Download] [Mirror #1] This is the latest update. You should download and install this one if you want to be sure you’re 100% up-to-date.
09/16 “K to R” Sub-Update (312MB) [Download] [Mirror #1] This is an incremental update. Use it if you already have installed the “K” Update and want a faster download.
09/09 “K” Update (212MB) [Download] [Mirror #1] This update is now outdated. You probably don’t need it any more.

With all our thanks to MegaKameha for providing the mirrors for those updates (original posts for credits : 09/16).

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